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Corduroy Horse Wolf Run


Lyrically sublime in its briefly poetic and broadly human approach to the subject matter, Corduroy Horse inject a powerful degree of emotion into this distorted yet mellow and melancholy new rock release.

Offering a single as intriguing as their own band name, Corduroy Horse present Wolf Run with a simple, likable verse introduction, and a subsequently explosive moment of again brief but striking passion for the hook.

Things never quite take off too strongly, which proves refreshing in this context – the sound is familiar, but it never succumbs to expectation. Instead, it weaves an artistic and soulful web around the listener, complete with cascading guitar solos and smooth escapism for a middle-8.

There’s a level of minimalism to the words of the song, but they still manage to feel authentically original, interesting, and somehow deeply poignant and relatable. ‘Does anybody ever really feel the same as me?’ resounds and stands out from the rest of the set-up, along with ‘this will be my great escape’. These two lines quickly prompt a revisit from the start, at which point it becomes clear just how recognisable and immersive the completed track is.

From the musicianship to the vocals to the structure, everything just works – the ache of the subject matter is evident throughout, the pain of the moment rings loud and clear; it’s genuine, and so it connects. For all of these reasons, the song has the satisfying weight and embrace of a timeless rock alternative. Beautifully crafted.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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