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Coolmowee Silent Night 80s Night


Producer Coolmowee adopts a new persona and takes on a timeless Christmas classic with this dreamy, euphoric new version of Silent Night (80’s Night).

Featuring multiple layers of synth for a boldly emotive progression, along with a classic eighties drum-line that really takes things to greater plains, the cover version leads with a simple, accessible vocal; relaying the unforgettable melody and poetry of the song as the soundscape builds and envelops the listener underneath this.

The return of the vocal melody after this moment helps elevate things impressively – you’re prompted, encouraged, to turn the volume up a little more, and to join in wholeheartedly for that one last hit of passionate, united chorus.

Subtle in performance but mighty in production, the track evolves and ultimately bursts into life as the instrumental kicks in – a whole new side to the mood of the song, and a relevant reminder of the creative production that Coolmowee’s music consistently delivers.

A refreshingly unique alternative to an age-old seasonal favourite. Worth a listen this Christmas.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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