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Coolmowee I Will Follow You


Big beats and the blissfully nostalgic embrace of melodic synths and multiple layers of colour – Coolmowee brings back the dance-pop weight and warmth of a simpler era, with a series of catchy releases.

Beginning with the immediately euphoric energy and intimacy of I Will Follow You, the music is quick to light up the room, and weaves into this a memorable yet alternative pop vocal line, from familiar verses to a more unusual hook – resulting in an notably likeable yet fresh sound.

Blending retro gamer tones and classic eighties rhythms, Coolmowee delivers full soundscapes of immersive qualities. Consider the similarly built Vintage 201984, a new mood and slight simplicity with the piano part, but still that artist voice in style and set-up remaining true to the producer’s way with creativity.

This one is more subtle consistently, but again veers off melodically from pop towards alternative writing in true Coolmowee fashion. ‘Music is my life’ resounds beautifully during the final build and drop.

Injecting a little weight and pace into the collection is the high-octane EDM track Single All Summer – almost gabber in rhythm and energy but gentler and more pop-punk in vocal progression.

Once again, it’s a unique but recognisable style, with cascading synths and drums and moments throughout, repeatedly elevating the entire mix.

Where the original drives with instant energy and movement, relentless drums and vocals, the remix takes things down a more cinematic and mellow swagger of a pathway, focusing on the instrumental mood and emotion of the music in a somewhat anthemic fashion.

In this setting, the track feels like a slept-on classic from another time – a personal favourite from the catalogue for the impact of those synths and the more upfront passion of the voice amidst them.

Great work, in short – a producer with a vintage yet crisp approach of a timelessly likeable nature.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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