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Come Taste The Misery House Of Silence


Grunge rock with infectious indie riffs, intertwined with cleanly mixed, storytelling vocals of intention – Come Taste The Misery offer up another brand new project; six original tracks that quickly energise the room.

House Of Silence kicks off with the single and title-track, a simple yet satisfying, retro riff distorted alongside the crash of live drums and the near-spoken delivery of a quiet, live-style vocal. The verses have simplicity too, before the sudden rise and contrasted brightness of the chorus – a strong moment, a definite highlight that raises the bar for the entire album.

Similarly immersive arena-rock vibes embrace as Low takes the reigns and suddenly the lyrics piece through with a certain air of personal realness. Still the mix is fuzzy, nostalgic, a little Deftones with a touch of other legends of the nineties.

The mellow, bass-led calm of A Canvas Full Of Nightmares injects a degree of intrigue and captivates as the third track on the project – the chorus again sees things explode unexpectedly, still live sounding and a little raw in the process; adding to that authentic, stage-ready vibe. A personal favourite.

Snakebite feels scathing and personal once more, with rising riffs and a clear sense of evolving anticipation towards the drop. The sound is unmistakable, CTTM proving their own connection to the artform and refusal to simply conform or seek approval. This track has a particularly hypnotic, deeply moving core, which prompts you to reconsider the whole concept of the album and the songs that make it.

The droning weight of Danger Zone stands out for its expressive, powerfully fuzzy yet structurally effective intensity and the unexpectedly mellow pace.

Then there’s the stark contrast of Pale Dove, with the ILYA feature for vocal dynamic and energy that completely takes things to a fresh realm – higher, passionate pairings make for an addictive, poetic as ever progression. Another favourite, and a brilliant way to go out with a bang.

Come Taste The Misery keep things real, engaging, and lead with their best throughout this entrancing new album.

Check out Come Taste The Misery on Facebook & Instagram or download the new album via Bandcamp. Read our interview with the band’s front man Christos here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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