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Cody Clark Crazy About You


Soaring distortion and the fullness of rock introduce this ultimately smooth and heartfelt new country single from artist and songwriter Cody Clark.

Featuring the ferocity of hard-rock for the opening moments and indeed those that fall between vocals, Crazy About You sets the mood with passionate intensity from the outset, and proceeds to weave an unexpectedly melodic web of rising and falling energy.

Cody Clark quite masterfully utilises contrast throughout this track, the verses have an almost stripped-back delicacy to them – short lines of catchy progressions that are easily memorable and cleanly-mixed. Then we get to the hook, the explosivity of its resolve, and even the returning weight and fullness as the middle-8 guitar solo strikes.

All in all, Crazy About You has the makings of a country pop classic, but its set-up redirects things more notably towards arena rock and the harder rock realms.

The result is an ultimately versatile song – one that could easily be presented in an acoustic setting as well as in this distinctly energising one. Really though, the heavier approach brilliantly reinforces the devotion and longing and emotion at the heart of the writing.

It’s a mighty performance, and a fine testament to the songwriting and presence of Cody Clark.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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