Clay Joule & Truwan Studio - RICORDI (Feat. Elisa Mammoliti) - Stereo Stickman

Clay Joule & Truwan Studio RICORDI (Feat. Elisa Mammoliti)


Storytelling and evocative musicianship make up this bright and uniquely expressive collaborative single from Clay Joule, Truwan Studio and Elisa Mammoliti.

Featuring an interesting chain of traits, from long-form melodic musings of a mildly theatrical, movie-esque nature, through to a bold sense of rising anticipation in distorted guitars and presence, RICORDI showcases the best of the abilities of all involved.

Trained vocalist and actress Elisa Mammoliti gifts the single a gentle to powerful lead, amidst this slowly evolving soundscape, which progresses from folk to soulful rock, to ultimately create a level of humanity and contemplation within the vastness of the arrangement and topic.

As with much of Clay Joule’s music, the story and intention take precedent over simple familiar patterns of melody or structure. RICORDI maintains that identity and freedom, standing tall on the strength of its guitar solos, vocals and underlying depths, rather than anything crafted purely to hit the mainstream with recognizable impact.

The single RICORDI emerges complete with a crisp and professional collection of visuals, which aptly reinforce the brightness and emotion at the heart of the audio journey.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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