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Christina Qu A Passing Memory


Last December we were introduced to the smooth jazz creativity of Bird Falling From The Sky, followed by the March release Another Sunrise – Christina Qu unabashedly following her own uniquely enchanting creative pathway in every case.

This month, A Passing Memory emerges with simplicity and intrigue – adhering to the same expressive freedom, but now maintaining a distinctly brief and provocative sense of presence.

Impressively interconnected with its own conceptual implications, A Passing Memory breathes life into the room for only a few moments – a passing memory encapsulated in the delicacy, the vintage crackle, the unfinished nature of the phrase.

It’s a beautifully brave and addictively poignant listen, which cleverly prompts you to replay and replay it for a sense of understanding – or to simply relive that memory, the ideas and feelings conjured up by its short lifespan.

Organic and honest, we can hear the distance and intimacy in contrast – the organic weight of the piano keys and the lingering reverb like echoes of something genuine and deeply moving.

It’s quite phenomenal, the power of music – A Passing Memory proving somehow complex in its simplicity; somehow complete in its apparent incompletion. Christina Qu continues to stand out with sophistication and purpose as a modern artist, and with all releases now combined as a compelling repertoire, that impact and appeal can only grow stronger.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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