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Christina Qu Bird Falling From The Sky


Smooth jazz softly allures, as Christina Qu introduces the beautifully original creativity of the sublime new single Bird Falling From The Sky.

Unafraid to be entirely true to her own artistry, Christina Qu blends that organic jazz backdrop of hi-hats, horns, keys, with a blissfully delicate and, quite importantly, distinct and recognizable vocal performance.

Intertwined amidst this clear sense of character and tone is a long-form, again jazz-like melody and array of poetic scenes; all of which is brilliantly in keeping with the imagery incited by the title.

Consistently intoxicating across a fairly standard three minutes and thirty seven seconds, Bird Falling From The Sky effectively combines the alternative freedom of jazz and singer-songwriter expression, with a clever yet subtle twist of mainstream accessibility. We get humble moments of brightness as the melody and these deeply moving reflections on the self reach peak instances of passionate longing.

Devoted to this inherent need to understand and be understood, Bird Falling From The Sky relates the complexities and aches of interpersonal relationships to the idea of a bird having its one differentiating quality stripped away.

It’s a fascinating listen, familiar but not so, and the music, lyrics and vocal conviction united all makes for an enchanting and enthralling listen. I look forward to hearing more music from Christina Qu. Bird Falling From The Sky is refreshingly original, honest and endearing in both its artistry and humanity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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