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Chris Saunders Fall in Love (Feat. Anice Kim)


Chris Saunders’ life-long passion for and connection to music shines brightly on this latest release. Fresh from the album Liquid TherapyFall In Love brings together the emotional realness of a singer-songwriter offering, and a gradually intensifying, uplifting trip-hop soundscape, and it sounds beautiful.

The opening few moments of this song lay out a thread that seems to be the main element or strength of the song – the hook is presented from the offset, the music has a certain sense of rhythm, Saunders’ voice is gentle yet striking. As things progress though, the featured vocal and the structural aspects bring through a track that has far more to offer than the simple rhythm and melody of that key line.

Fall In Love presents an artist with a sheer love for music – it runs deep in everything he creates. The track does indeed have those repetitive, comforting elements that we turn to (or indeed turn up loud) when we hear them appearing, but it also lets individuality wander the stage. The track has a partly organic feel, the bounce comes from the rhythm guitar and the stop-and-start nature of the beat. The whole thing never quite peaks at the manic levels of EDM, but the rising energy and warmth of it is equally entrancing and even quite energizing.

From a songwriting perspective, this concept of not wanting to fall in love is something many can relate to. The verses deal with an in-the-moment series of observations, alongside of personal reflections and thoughts on meaning and depth. The lightly optimistic aura of the soundscape supports and enhances all of this gorgeously. It’s a quickly recognisable song and both Saunders and the accompanying artists – Anice Kim and Dash Martin – put in unquestionably fitting and flawless performances. An easy must, particularly as the summer hits full swing.

Fall In Love was produced by Segnon Tiewul. Stream the single on Spotify. Find & follow Chris Saunders on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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