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Chris Costalupes You’re Not Here Anymore


Keeping things simple but satisfying, Chris Costalupes unites the raw strum of an electric guitar with reverb-kissed vocals and poetic reflections. You’re Not Here Anymore accesses the pain of loneliness and separation, with the increasingly powerful rock set-up of a musician passionately committed to the subject matter at hand.

Featuring an almost grunge-like vocal during the hook, You’re Not Here Anymore balances that out with a notably more hopeful musicality, but maintains the power and desperation of the writing with a well-placed instrumental break that relights the structural prowess of the song.

Chris actually establishes the artistic journey really well, the final section acting as a brief second verse; a momentary return to quiet poetry, before we explode back into the peak of the arrangement, for the mighty and resounding, familiar ache of ‘I’m reminded that you’re not here anymore – As I pull myself from off this floor’.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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