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Cesar Saez Help Galaxy (ARHKOTA REMIX)


Ever the master of redirection, ARHKOTA takes music fans down a whole new pathway, with this dreamy and increasingly intense remix of Cesar Saez’ Help Galaxy.

Emerging with the drama, detail and piercingly soulful delicacy of Radiohead, the remix introduces Saez and this poetically enthralling single in a way that creates an immediately appealing world of escapism.

With orchestral arrangements played by Kathia Rudametkin, every intricacy, layer and increasing aspect of anticipation furthers this escape, the song taking its time to build but ultimately moving from quiet contemplation to outright dramatic expression and volume.

The marching drum, the distant rhythms, the vocal chorus, the overwhelming fullness as the concept evolves and thoroughly envelops its audience. Just the very image of the song proves suggestive of this growth, but only when you turn up the volume and commit to the journey, does its vastness and beauty really take hold.

Featuring latter half fragments of orchestral presence and darker connotations for a unique middle-8, Help Galaxy the ARHOTA Remix delivers an essentially enchanting realm of audio joy. Cascading layers of the original idea meet amidst the swirling Galaxy that is the completed piece, elevating both the ARHKOTA and Cesar Saez names through creative magnification.

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