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Cazba if i could be yours


Ambient simplicity creates a dreamlike warmth as a long-form vocal outpouring repeats a single sentiment, to romantic and intimate, hypnotic results – Cazba’s single if i could be yours is quick to connect.

Offering a soulful RnB-style hook line, the track also injects a contemporary overtone in the form of multiple effects and the reverb-kissed arena within which it breathes. There’s also an emo-rap-style verse later on, to bring further detail and dynamic, to keep things moving, and afterwards familiarity returns to embrace listeners with an all the more warm and immersive outro.

Prior to this release, Cazba’s single flowers in July showcased an equally thoughtful, loving intention, with a poetic overtone, the same soft piano keys, and a lower vocal with a little more rhythm to back it up. Lo-fi good vibes of the chilled, late-night variety shine brightly here, as does the song-writing and personal openness.

Highlighting a dash of versatility is the single Sunday League, a piece that sees Cazba take on a cinematic hit of detail to set the mood, before a faster-paced lo-fi-meets-big-band aura pours through – summer-ready and multi-coloured in its brightness and optimism. You can’t help but relax into the groove, great production allows every element to stand tall in its own right, and the finished mix to rain down as blissful escapism.

Ultimately presenting a refreshingly contemplative and loving take on contemporary sound design, Cazba keeps things relevant yet interesting, likable, and somewhat timeless in a clever, captivating way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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