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Caustics Reflection


Creatively capturing the embrace of live music, in all of its power and passion, songwriter, artist and producer Caustics presents the complex yet compelling album Reflection.

Our journey begins with Chemistry, and introduces a cinematic wash of escapism that’s hypnotic when listened to at volume.

Distantly-mixed vocals create a sort of alt-rock cradle of humanity, amidst the downpouring of synths and rhythms. The sound is full, nostalgic yet unusual, almost like a freestyle expression amidst a chaotic and colourful production.

All Or Nothing follows and still fullness and vibrancy take the reigns. A little more of a recognisable chord pattern and riff elevate proceedings here, and the voice adds a kind of haunting shoe-gaze dash of lightness – before the rhythm, guitars and keys all cascade and meander unpredictably.

Learn Too Late brings an essential twist of melody and passion intertwined. By now our protagonist or leading vocalist is familiar, trustworthy as our guide through this journey, and the rhythm and pop-punk chords of this one help elevate the progression to let that hook hit with impact.

Later on, Think This Through injects an overwhelming depth of sound, a multi-layered spiralling realm of voice, rhythm, guitar and synth, for a fully realised encapsulation of the Caustics creative mind.

The project goes on in this way, distinct for its playful freedom and vocal lead, but forever eclectic regardless from one moment to the next.

Consider the sheer pace and intensity of Push, retro gamer tones colliding and collaborating, amidst a relentless rhythm and high-octane vocal thread. Things resolve and repeat for the hook, before falling away entirely – laying bare an intricate and thoughtful approach to production, underneath the boldness and volume of elsewhere.

After this, sublime synths deliver a near-euphoric venture, for the electro-pop offering Plunge. Delicate vocals again provide an alluring melody, with undetectable lyrics intriguing you further still. Another drum and bass explosion then strikes in the form of the dreamy and addictive Words Repeating.

Bringing the album to a cleverly intimate finish, Arms Go Wild reverts back to the bare essentials of guitar and voice. A live performance, still unmistakable as Caustics, yet captivating for its purity and the uniquely expressive playing and vocal style.

The name Caustics refers to “caustic lighting”, describing the manner in which light reflects through water. Imagine a wall lit by light glowing through water, and the warm and free-flowing, somewhat quiet and occasionally sludgy sound of this album is mildly represented in visual form. The truth, however, is that the project gifts its own enchanting experience, likely unique to each individual who delves in. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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