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Carole Sylvan Something Goin’ On


Freshly released from the four-track EP of the same name, Carole Sylvan’s Something Goin’ On follows a big-band progression through a strong groove, and introduces the uniquely expressive and passionate vocals of our leading singer on a definite high.

Committed to the cause and utilising short verse lines on the pathway towards a simple, hooky resolve, Something Goin’ On feels like a timeless classic – celebrating love and showcasing an increasingly impressive vocal ability from Carole. The second verse in particular sees that strength reach soulfully captivating peaks, and the whole songs hits with increasing impact after this point.

Nostalgic yet fresh enough to promise a likable earworm for the summer, the single breathes new life into a treasured genre, and makes fine use of effective writing throughout its ideally crafted three-minutes and twenty seconds.

The completed release seems like the perfect choice to accompany some warming movie scene, or indeed be the the upbeat ‘our song’ for lovers and romantics across the board.

Check out Carole Sylvan on Facebook, Soundcloud or her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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