Carnival Mind - Easy To Run - Stereo Stickman

Carnival Mind Easy To Run


The simple strum of an acoustic guitar and an intimate, passionate voice introduce this quickly captivating single from Carnival Mind. There’s an immediate sense of rising anticipation or incoming energy as the chord progression emerges, and this, combined with the revealing vulnerability of the lyrics, really draws you in.

Featuring a set of visuals that accompany the mood well, Easy To Run resolves as hoped by about the minute and a half mark. There’s an almost Tiny Dancer kind of strength and escapism to the build-up before this, and ultimately the hook strikes well – even with nothing more than the guitar and the voice to guide the way.

There’s a bigger feel to it all, a constantly lingering degree of possibility or ‘more’, and with each revisit these qualities connect and uplift you with a little more urgency. Even in its melancholic tiredness and political hardship, the song invites a feeling of euphoric calm, as it builds and builds throughout five hypnotic minutes of familiar yet compelling performance.

Just one of a handful of new releases from Carnival Mind, the writing here is top notch, and the classic, organic and admittedly humble arrangement really helps draw focus to that; making you appreciate the purpose and honesty of the song all the more so.

Beautiful, refreshingly so, with a lovely yet uncertain guitar solo during the final quarter; for added purity that really takes you away from your current surroundings for a moment.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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