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Carnival Mind Love Will Take Us There


Emerging in unison with the wonderful `Somewhere Down The Line, Carnival Mind deliver a softly finger-picked folk tune of deeply moving delicacy and contemplation.

Great acoustic guitar-work quickly soothes the soul – the live sound that the band so faultlessly deliver works gorgeously in this context.

Now we get a solo vocal guide with the occasional pairing for reinforcement. It’s another simple melody, with a rise and fall and resolve as per the effective structures found elsewhere. A fresh tune, but that consistently engaging manner of evolution that never fails to lure you in.

Perhaps the most personal, revealing and open lyrical journey of the band’s yet, Love Will Take Us There feels appropriately intimate, and highlights a degree of vulnerability that’s often lost in the more vague storytelling of elsewhere. Neither approach is better, in fact the variety helps shine all the more light on the Carnival Mind catalogue. In this case though, we get a touch of reality that’s focused on in a particularly raw and fearlessly pure way.

The melody slowly surrounds you, warming and sweet to witness . There’s hope in the concept, and that title works its magic with ease in leaving its descending melody and idea, the possibility and belief, lingering long after the music has ended.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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