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Carnival Mind Somewhere Down The Line


One their best riffs yet lightens the weight of the world immediately as Carnival Mind deliver a beautifully scene-setting Somewhere Down The Line.

Being far from a stranger to their sound, the opening vocals and the poetic presence of the writing instantly calms the soul – it’s comforting here, safe in the hands of a band who know how to take you somewhere else.

In this case, the song has a beautifully uplifting energy – the return of that powerful contrast between bright melodies and deeply pensive lyrics. The tune is great, a call-and-response set-up that lets the words sink in with ease.

Then we rise for the pre-chorus, a little reminiscent of Green Day in its elevation, before the downward resolve for the hook – at which point the lyrics simultaneously talk of falling down.

The long-form nature of this progression works beautifully, though it takes more than a single listen to grasp the extent of the song’s purpose. Second visit more confidently brings it home.

Beautiful music, yet again, and deeply moving. Timeless writing, raw presentation – classic qualities that Carnival Mind consistently master. The work of a songwriter extraordinaire, whom you’d be forgiven for considering as one of the professionals of a simpler time; hiding under some new AKA for authenticity or a fresh audience. Their mystique online leaves plenty to the imagination, which simply adds further to that intriguing air of possibility…

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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