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Captain Graveyard Stor Kuk Energi


Captain Graveyard follow-up the success of their uniquely creative Drowning with an album of originals designed and dedicated to pouring intensity and dark, distorted energy into the room.

WTF?! (Intro) kicks things off and immediately reminds you of the heavy-metal meets electronic rock artistic freedom and weight of their sound. This fusion of delicate, haunting riffs and the classic roar of metal and amplified guitar presents something that’s quickly engaging, immersive, and appealing for its hypnotic simplicity.

As the project goes on, story-telling comes into play – long titles followed by intermittent screams and melodies; Don’t Be A Little Bitch, Sarah Let’s Drop This Thing. So does a more complex manner of structuring. Great sound design, tipping its hat to the noughties yet creating something fresh, intriguing and musically satisfying in the same breath. A definite highlight.

Mercedes Dishes leads with strong riffs once again, and brilliantly creative production. The sound is all at once cinematic and detailed, yet indicative of an exciting, perhaps unmissable live act. Superb contrast between intensity and melodic embrace helps move things along in an addictive fashion.

Another highlight and a fine example of Captain Graveyard at their absolute best – particularly when you later consider the Cursed Campfire Edition towards the end of the album; an acoustic alternative that highlights a whole other side to the band. Beautiful.

During the latter half, Fer Sure redirects things towards an almost Euro-pop dance realm, the weight still kicks in but there’s a level of comic-book-like colour and character to this one that helps keep things interesting.

The album’s title-track Stor Kuk Energi finishes things up with a brief explosion of immeasurable pace, high-energy and overwhelming darkness. It bookends the project in a relevant way to which it began, and you quickly realise the sheer passion, precision and alternative, uninhibited creative freedom that has crafted this album.

Brilliant, well worth checking out at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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