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Candlebox A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition)


Rock fans past and present unite – the songwriting and performative grit of eras that remain important in music’s history, the anthems and emotion, the skill, all re-emerges in style, for this phenomenal album release.

Legendary multi-platinum rockers Candlebox launch their exclusive live tour edition of their album The Long Goodbye this summer, to coincide with their special guest appearance on Bush’s Loaded project, and it’s a fiercely intoxicating collection of absolute gems.

Perfectly captured to showcase the skill and passion of Candlebox as a timeless band, this project storms into the room with clarity and distortion beautifully intertwined. What Do You Need is an intensely energising opener, and sets the bar high for the rest of the playlist.

Featuring the twelve original songs from The Long Goodbye, plus two bonus tracks, A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition) celebrates the very best of the Seattle treasures, as they deliver some of their most evocative and memorable rock hits throughout an arrangement that naturally keeps you engaged.

The longer blues riff of Who You Are drops in at just the right time, stripped back verses highlighting the vocal nuance of frontman Kevin Martin, and the subsequent high-octane power of an aptly-titled Punks follows that with faultlessly pace and presence.

Elegante brings the softer unity and emotion, where the more contemplative and nearly whispered Hourglass takes things down to the ground for a piano-led dose of intimacy and colour that’s again really well-placed.

Candlebox are one of the most versatile rock bands around, and the songwriting and performances throughout this project draw well-deserved attention towards that.

Other highlights include the polar opposite energies of a delicate acoustic to anthemic Maze and the Americana wonder and darker grunge tones of Ugly. “Ugly people say ugly things, pretty people say ugly things” resounds to again remind us of the songwriting prowess and emotional realism of Candlebox.

The unplugged and piano-led Running With The Stars also offers an incredible performance unconfined by effects or production – an inspiring moment that again breathes timeless wonder and gratitude into the space. Then there’s the iconic creativity and groove of an unforgettable Cellphone Jesus, conceptual relevance reanimated amidst a project that feels like a greatest hits collection. And to finish, the alternative edge and grit of I Should Be Happy leads us through a chaotic up-tempo mosh pit of sheer escapism and self-reflection that’s piercingly genuine.

For me, this album is reminiscent of both the intensity and evocative depth of bands like Audioslave and Goo Goo Dolls – the genres fuse, an overall rock outlet, the writing is honest and moving, the musicianship is immense and mighty, and there’s a nostalgic comfort to the presentation. This one’s a keeper.

Pre-save A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition). Read our interview with Kevin about the new album.

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