Candlebox - "Collaboration is key in maintaining any type of sanity in this business & I’m lucky to have such great friends to do so with." - Stereo Stickman

Candlebox “Collaboration is key in maintaining any type of sanity in this business & I’m lucky to have such great friends to do so with.”


Following the release of their final studio album The Long Goodbye last year, legendary Seattle rock band Candlebox are about to launch an exclusive live version of the album, as well as head out on tour with the equally renowned rockers Bush.

We caught up with frontman and songwriter Kevin Martin, to find out more about the latest project, his thoughts on modern rock, how things have changed since the nineties, what the future may hold, and plenty more. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Kevin – thanks so much for your time, and huge congrats for the upcoming A Little Longer Goodbye: Tour Edition release. To introduce things, where are you right now, and what have you been busy with this week?

I’m currently at my home in Los Angeles, getting ready for the upcoming tour with a little guitar playing and lots of hiking in the hills for clearing the mind and preparing the body.

What does this new album version mean for you, and how different is the energy you bring in the studio to that of the stage?

Stoked to have all the songs we did for the record out there in one place and I’m loving the live versions, so happy they were recorded at our shows in Chile.

As for studio vs. live, the studio, for me, is so much easier it’s ridiculous. Our live shows are so physical and full on and require so much more energy from all of us, I am pretty beat up after each show for sure.

Given the topical nature of songs like Cellphone Jesus, are you still inspired to write songs based on the unprecedented changes we’re witnessing in today’s world?

100%!! We’re living in strange days indeed, it’s as though we’ve all lost our marbles and that gives me lots to sing about!

Which song from the new collection is your personal favourite to listen back to, and why?

I really love Elegante, it’s got such an interesting feel to it and I love the chorus melody a lot – not to mention the groove between Adam our bassist and BJ’s drumming!!

The project coincides with your Special Guest Appearance on Bush’s Loaded: The Greatest Hits Tour’ – What will this experience bring out in you as a performer, and how important has collaboration been in terms of you carving out and maintaining such a noteworthy career?

I’m certainly going to have to step up my game to make Jerry and Gavin work a little harder 😉 but I’m really looking forward to it.

Collaboration is key in maintaining any type of sanity in this business and I’m lucky to have such great friends to do so with.

This time last year I was listening through your Live at The Neptune project – a ‘one night only’ event captured beautifully. What’s changed for you and the band since then?

Not much, honestly, other than a lot more time to reflect on my life and what it’s allowed me, as a 55 year old rockstar in a completely tumultuous industry.

I’ve tried to stay the course set out by Candlebox over 30 years ago, and although we may have lost our way a couple times over the years, I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself and what it is that we’ve accomplished as a band.

Are you writing songs again now, or planning some more live shows?

Not writing at the moment and no plans to do so anytime soon, and other than this summer run no plans to do anymore shows this year.

Candlebox have been making music for several decades now – what would you say are the keys to longevity as a band, and what would be your best piece of advice to new starters?

“Try and stay humble, stay focused, stay hungry and stick to your guns – that’s the best advice I was given and its generally the advice I hand out when asked.”

What’s your best memory of the emerging rock scene of Seattle from the nineties, the moments just before it all got huge, and do you see any similarities happening in other genres or artforms in today’s realm, in terms of the creative shift and the community?

Honestly, it’s all a blur, there are so many great memories from those early Seattle days – like seeing Soundgarden for the very first time, meeting Dave Grohl when he first came to Seattle to try out for Nirvana, hanging with Andy Wood at Fluevog shoes or seeing Malfunction at a shoe store on Capitol Hilled called LUNA!!

Madness man, complete madness. I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like what happened in that little town called city, but I’m so grateful to have experienced it and to have been a part of such an amazing musical time.

Do you currently have big ambitions for the band or yourself moving forward?

Not really man, just kinda chillin’ at the moment

What’s your biggest hope for the future of the music industry?

That bands will stop trying to sound like every other band out there, it’s becoming boring and vanilla.

Is there anything else we should know?

Super excited for this summer run with everyone, including new comer Tim Montana that’s opening a few of the shows; great kid and a brilliant record.

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