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Caellus & Camulus Genesis: World Of Caellus


The concept behind this project is intensely intriguing, and quite dreamlike within itself. The music accompanying the whole idea is equally fascinating, and, perhaps more importantly, intensely satisfying on so many levels. Introdución blasts you with a high powered yet brief moment of ethereal bliss, then later, after lulling you into a dreamlike state of being, Universal Diversity claws it’s way right into the depths of your mind.

Universal Diversity is immense, categorically impressive and powerful, and all the very delicious parts of trance and electronic music that we all have craved since the good old days. This music has a heaviness to it that is both intense and fresh – it’s so new and exciting, that regardless of where you are; you’ll be turning it up. An incredible track, a superb way to help listeners delve into the mind of the artists.

In essence, the instrumental elements of this track are so vast, that it almost shouldn’t work – there is so much going on, a mile high wall of sound, but it all dances so well with everything else around it – the production adds that polish, completing this single unit of song and drawing you in from the offset. It’s almost impossible not to feel your heart beat race a little as you listen; this is a classic album, but brand new, right there at your fingertips.

Elohim Race keeps the beat up, but soaks you in this peaceful urgency – provided by the meeting of these contrasting synth riffs and that hint of a vocal echo in the background. It’s beautiful, an absolute experience of summertime and story telling all at once. The great thing is that just as you think it’s ending, the scene changes entirely, really bringing home the whole idea behind the music – the story, the villains, the eventful opening chapter of an epic tale. It’s a compelling collection of art that doubles up as an immense album of experimental trance, which means, basically, there’s something for all of us. This one spirals off into a beautiful corner of creativity, the beat, the synths, the distortion, and the playful, lighthearted elements, all join forces to make this an utterly captivating piece of music.

As the project rolls on, it’s increasingly difficult to remember whatever minor issues you had been dwelling on prior to discovering the music. A sublime effect. The heart of it is everything we love about late night raves and festivals; those endless hours of bliss, sharing the dance floor or field with a multitude of different people, from different walks of life, who all just want to stay right there -in that same moment, together. It’s beautiful to reminisce, even more so to re-live it. There is hope for music yet. Yahweh and Adonal Clans is stunning, a definite highlight, though it’s unnecessary to separate any of the tracks from the rest of the collection. Listen loud, listen in full. That’s all we ask.

As you make your way through the album the effect of the music increases and really becomes quite addictive. There is a certain sound about it all that is significantly relevant to everything that came before. There is a thread, whether it’s the samples chosen, the trance heart beating at the core, the effects – something holds it all together and makes it feel like home. Structurally, there is so much of that creative play, that you’re pretty much guaranteed to never tire of the tracks. 777 is a perfect example. The variation within the walls of just one track is immensely creative and clever, the emotional shifts throughout, the moments in the middle that allow you to take a breather – it’s all so brilliantly crafted, and clearly the work of a master.

Moving on to La’ Kriento, there’s an energy here that feels beautifully pure, exotic even. A hint of Afro Celt Sound System shines through at times, making you love this project even more. Then that classic Genesis vibe returns, and the whole thing just lifts you out of your world and into another. It’s fantastic, the beauty of the experience, when you really listen, the effect is just fantastic. It makes you feel incredible, and it tells a story that intrigues you – to the point of a pretty guaranteed return to find the rest of the art that will follow with this whole project. The ideas are vast and flowing, there is much to be heard, much to be said, and what will follow is undoubtedly not to be missed.

War in Heavens is another of those moments where you sort of hope the track will go on forever. You can lose yourself in the ambiance, and subsequently, in your own thoughts, as you let this music wash over your existence. There’s beauty in the expression, and a flawless finish to the mix, so everything is just right; a blissful roller coaster, of depth, darkness, hope, action, and energy. Then comes the drop, two thirds of the way in, after toying with you for almost two minutes. A sublime drop, exactly what you needed it to be, satisfying your every musical need and leaving you feeling complete, and thoroughly energized.

An incredible collection of music, really – will not disappoint on any level. There is everything nostalgic that you might hope for from trance music, but there is also this theatre of culture and exotic sound-scapes, all weaving their way in and out of the music and your mind. Ethereal Beings is a stunning track that promises to leave you hooked and gasping for more. Beautiful work, masterfully crafted and flawlessly finished.

World of Caellus is an international record label that has embarked upon a superbly impressive looking journey to bring a new collection of art and music into the world. There’s a lot to look forward to from them, you’d be foolish to miss out.

Pre-order the album over on iTunes, and check out the music on Spotify. Find and follow World Of Caellus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also head over and check out their Merch. Get involved.

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