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By Small Ruin Take Me With You


A personal favorite band from 2020 so far, By Small Ruin are always worth taking the time out to sit back and enjoy their new releases. Their latest single, Take Me With You, is far from the exception.

Riding the country-rock wave with a stylish soundscape and short lines that are quickly, addictively catchy, the song makes fine use of a few simple, seductive riffs and rhymes, and utilizes contrast brilliantly as the verses switch up into the hook.

On second listen, Take Me With You is all the more satisfying. The subtle quirk of that off-kilter twang, the marching rhythm, the contemporary references, the rise and fall dynamic of the verse lines – everything plays its part and resolves in a brilliantly comforting way. Then you get the burst of energy that is the hook, that key line raining down in an immediately memorable, recognizable way.

The band here strike up a fresh level of passion – new riffs, further contrast, and a lovely little instrumental break in which a guitar solo fulfills that need for the melody in its own way.

This is a kind of knees up, dance together, almost Cotton Eye Joe kind of moment. Perhaps there’s a subtlety here though, which permits the song to take on a more humble, softly likable quality. Always great songwriting from this band, a pleasure to listen through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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