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Buckner Long Story Short


Buckner pours heartfelt adoration and love into this latest single Long Story Short. A gorgeously hopeful acoustic guitar riff introduces the song, followed by the artist’s soothing leading voice, and a melody that brings together a select few notes to offer something slightly ballad-like – familiar and accessible, yet with an immediate hint of country to build further on that inherent sense of warmth.

Long Story Short details well the depth of its own concept throughout the lyrics. The verses hold nothing back in terms of the love and affection that inspired the writing of the song. Then you rightfully get the resolve of the hook, the moment at which that Americana twang really stands tall. The longer story is essentially the verses and the progression of the entire piece, and the hook – in true, effective pop fashion – is the short and snappy version. Having said that though, there’s a consistently calming ambiance to the whole thing – even the key change during the latter half, a moment at which the passion reaches an even greater peak; there’s still this emotional tenderness at work that remains true to the gentle and intimate nature of the song in full.

Buckner’s vocals shine beautifully on this single, and furthermore – there’s an easily relatable concept at work, and a quickly comforting, memorable melody to deliver it. For the couples out there who are looking for their song or something new to represent their feelings about one another, Buckner steps up to the stage with this deeply personal yet not overly detailed piece of music and writing – the perfect kind of love song that can be shared in and appreciated by just about anyone. It’s a clever way to write, and that authenticity in the vocal tone helps drive it all through in a manner that really connects.

Long Story Short will be available on February 14th, with pre-orders starting on February 10th via iTunes and Google Play.

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