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Broshė When Summer Ends


This year seems to be increasingly recrafting the essence of modern hip hop, with artistry and lyrical intentions that inspire and engage. Nowhere is this more evident than throughout the album When Summer Ends, from Broshė.

Featuring the vocal sound and melody-rap fusion of the moment, but weaving in soulful soundscapes and brilliantly reflective, interesting and uplifting lyrics, the project showcases an artist with a genuine connection to the music, to the words he raps, and to the stories he tells. Earned It is the opener and is all of this and more; a lasting highlight from the release.

Bad Habits follows with a similarly mellow vibe but a more notably contemporary feel – short bars and a lo-fi, jazz-café style ambiance and simple rhymes keep things catchy.

In every case, the production impresses – creative and immersive, colourful yet calming for the most part. Oopsie Daisy is a cinematic highlight for precisely these reasons.

Other stand-outs include the sudden organic funk and infectious melody of F.I.L, completely unexpected with its vocal lead and the guitar and drums combined; a yesteryear feel and a likable look at the joys of love.

In contrast, Vulnerable hits with impact afterwards. Creatively appealing in a fresh way, with a poetic, moving subject matter that allows the listener to build a stronger connection with the artist.

There’s actually a poetic undertone to everything about this album. The title, the concept of When Summer Ends, it rings loud and clear. Broshe commits to the moment, offering intimacy, loyalty, uncertainty and angst all at once.

Overall, this is a romantic endeavour, a passion project suitable for late-night escapism. The closer you look though, the deeper those layers seem to go. The final track Summers Over encapsulates this, rounds things up beautifully, and proves deeply honest, personal yet relatable in its relaying of the emotions, the heartache and excitement combined that comes with summer love.

Download the music via Apple. Check out Broshė on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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