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Brice Sedgwick Neighborhood Scenes


As a listener you get an immediately smooth and quite brooding vibe from this single by Brice Sedgwick. The chord progression, the delicate piano part mixed in among the additional ambiance, the freely meandering electric guitar – it gives off a really laid back yet reflective mood, and this passes on well as you witness it.

The song itself has a slightly modern R&B feel – the melody throughout the verses utlises just two notes for the most part; a simple yet effective style of writing that sinks in well. The additional vocal parts creating a chorus effect at the end of each line also add a fairly simple yet effective touch that again works in favour of this overall easy going vibe.

The track doesn’t generally feel like that of a particularly specific genre, but it’s very easy to appreciate and get into the vibe and sound – hopefully this is a strong indication of the quality and creative musicality that can be expected from the upcoming album. Brice Sedgwick has a fairly unmistakable sound, and cleverly this is not something that is made apparent simply through an overly attention grabbing voice or an over the top hook section – as is sometimes the case. You can get lost in the energy here, and the feeling lasts from start to finish. The leading voice has character, without question, but it blends in beautifully with the music; making for an ultimately reliable source of escapism and artistry.

Neighborhood Scenes really offers up the good vibes you might hope for as the sun sets on a long day. The concept and the music go hand in hand, creating this arena of audio and thought – within which you can observe, relax, and consider. It sounds great, I look forward to hearing more.

Download the earlier album Pacifico via iTunes. Find & follow Brice Sedgwick on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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