Bluetripper - Dancing In The Jam - Stereo Stickman

Bluetripper Dancing In The Jam


To consider production as an art form is something that requires the very best of musicality, not just in terms of the final polish that brightens up the mix, but in terms of the creativity that is able to thrive within the walls of the music. It is indeed an art form, as much as any type of songwriting or performance is, but it’s one that often gets left backstage to congratulate itself. This track is an example of a producer storming forwards to centre stage, and joyfully, skillfully, thoughtfully; creating an experience for audiences of all backgrounds to enjoy and indeed marvel at.

Dancing In The Jam is everything wonderful about uplifting music. It’s a track that could, by all accounts, be heard as an orchestral, organic, even live performance, but at it’s core – the music is the artwork of a producer, a musician within whom skill and creativity are entwined, superbly matched, and each greatly enhanced by the other.

The track opens up with a lighthearted sense of beauty and bliss, and as the music progresses, a multitude of elements and moments unfold before you. The soundscape builds and builds until it completely takes hold of your head space and lifts you from whatever gloom you may have found yourself in after a long and arduous day. Accept the blessing and let it make you better. Turn it up loud, and unwind..

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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