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Big O & L.O.U. Ms. Takes (Feat. Frannie El & P-Rawb)


Securing that exponential growth for their united balancing of work ethic and talent, Big O and L.O.U branch out further still, with the release of the four-way collaborative indie gem Ms. Takes.

Bringing together faultless and smooth production, with sharp bars both intelligent and unrivaled in flow, Ms. Takes relays an original and captivating story, with fragments of soulful melody and warped bass and synth notes to light up the moments in between.

Cleverly employing subtle traits of unmistakable creativity from both Big O and L.O.U., Ms. Takes also manages to introduce the clear skill and passion of Frannie El and P-Rawb in a way that naturally fits the style and energy of the production.

The result is a timeless and well-written track, with a nostalgic hip hop presence and a contemporary overall finish that’s quick to immerse.

Story and sound unite beautifully, waves of finely-crafted design meeting the increasing grit of these varied bars and the contrasting resolve of an expressive, soulful hook.

Ms. Takes is an addictively stylish, smart and satisfying new hit, which effectively connects the long-deserving ability and versatility of Big O to a notably broader audience.

Find Big O and L.O.U. on Twitter/Twitter & IG/IG. Find Frannie El on IG & P-Rawb on Twitter & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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