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BenBen Leaky Ship (Ft. Lily Desmond)


Taking artistic expression and originality to impressive new heights, the single and video for Leaky Ship manages to captivate for its melodic prowess, conceptual depth, instrumental originality and character all combined.

From the upcoming collaborative EP White Elephant, Leaky Ship unites artists BenBen and Lily Desmond, for a metaphorical deep-dive into the art of appreciating the beauty of the world; even when the boat you’re floating upon is doomed to sink.

Presented by way of a traditional folk set-up but later flipping the switch for an explosive rock twist of passion and power, Leaky Ship is all at once romantic and desperate; it feels like a search for connection and peace in a world seemingly on the verge of letting both slip away.

Just two minutes and fifty two seconds in full, Leaky Ship is a brief yet beautifully interesting and engaging single, in everything from the subject matter to the musicianship and performance. The structure of the song artistically encapsulates the implications of the writing – the peaceful beauty and unity of the world softly celebrated, before the impending chaos and weight of turmoil brings its hammer to the ground.

Really well-crafted – I look forward to the EP.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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