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Beldon Haigh Elected


As the UK election looms, what better way to celebrate the joys of political uncertainty, than with a post-punk and indie-funk ode to the self-celebration of leaders, and the simultaneous lack of faith the public consistently has in them?

Beldon Haigh deliver an impressively catchy ear-worm of an anthem, with the aptly titled and brightly crafted Elected.

Cleverly unbiased and inclusive, Elected is everything its subjects are not – uplifting and enjoyable, poetic and thoughtful, engaging. It’s a song that connects all the more effectively as it rolls along, and what’s more, it naturally leaves its chorus lingering in the mind once the music has come to an end.

The playful ‘blah blah blahs’ are well-balanced alongside the more melodic and rhythmic outcries, and that poetic twist is really likable – gifting the song a sort of general celebrity descriptive vibe, a popularity contest in motion; which is exactly what the elections tend to feel like.

A beast of an indie anthem, in my opinion. Great lyrics – plenty to unpack – as well as timeless musicianship, and quirky structuring and production. Turn this one up loud as we approach July 4th.

“I don’t wanna be inspected – I just want to get elected.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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