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Baha Wait 4 the Weekend


Dreamlike ambiance and contemporary rhythms unite for this bounce of a groove and vocally meandering RnB single from Baha.

Blending pristine sound-design of a modern pop nature with a relentlessly rhythmic vocal that pours the details of the story into the mix, Wait 4 the Weekend has intention throughout its verses, personal layers that indicate a sense of character, then rightfully resolves in a more accessible, vague and anthem-like manner for the hook.

This vagueness connects, making the song and its inherent desire to live for the weekend, to find love and embrace the moment, applicable to any and all listeners. At the same time, you can tune in more closely, and pick out on the intimate and individual aspects, the intricacies and the truth, which all helps bridge that gap between artist and audience.

Baha goes all in with this, and his voice naturally suits the various flows and the emotive undertone of the song. Great production, and a subtly memorable hook that lingers when the music ends.

Download or stream Wait 4 the Weekend here. Check out Baha on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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