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Bad Bubble Day One (The Quill Noir)


The master of capturing the sound of heartbreak, hope, and pure humanity – Bad Bubble‘s latest introduction to an upcoming project emerges in the form of perhaps his most musically simple yet emotively complex single yet.

Guided by those unmistakable vocal layers, echoing as if existing in some distant chamber, but piercing through that effect with undeniable passion and identity regardless, Day One feels all at once like a classic Bad Bubble single, and a complete side-step away from the norm.

The clarity of the piano sound is divine, accompanying the unmistakable and intimate tones of Bad Bubble’s reverb-drenched vocal to light up a whole new side to his expression. The piano melody dips and rises constantly, an enchanting loop soon accompanied by subtle yet dramatic hits of rhythm and additional vocal layers.

That piano loop is key, familiar but not – a hook almost, not something commonly employed in the more artistically authentic work of Bad Bubble. As it loops and tightens its grip on the listener, the soulful conviction and expressive power of the main voice and surrounding arrangement gather unignorable momentum. The resolve is the mention of the title, this loaded peak of rasp and weight and conclusion – ‘You will go down in history. You’ll go down as a day of infamy’.

Perhaps his most heart-wrenching performance yet, the change in tone and depth increases throughout, the repeating sentiments and clear realness of reflection weighing heavily on our protagonist. There’s brightness in the vague references to a wonderful day – there’s clear optimism at work, exploring the phenomenon of an event that forever imprints a vivid, specific memory in the mind. It’s beautiful, but not without melancholy, a certain nostalgic ache – exactly the kind of nuance Bad Bubble is masterful in presenting.

To also weave in the chosen accompanying visuals, these stills of successful, loving relationships throughout history, images boldly at war with the pain of separation – it’s a compelling release.

In reality, the lyrics of Day One are vague, but the performance is so fearlessly gritty, somehow chaotic and calm in the very same instance, that’s its ideas and sounds echo in the mind long after the music has ended.

Releasing as a taster from the last album in this unrivaled artistic venture that has been the story of a lifetime, The Quill Noir project will wrap up this section of the Bad Bubble journey. Not to be missed.

“Ever have something really important like a real world event that you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing? I tried encapsulating that. I’m sure others have covered this phenomenon but I thought I’d use it as a metaphor…”

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