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Full volume for this one – high-octane rock with strong distortion and a beautiful groove. AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ bring the raw energy and indie punk back to the scene, with the aptly-titled NOIZE.

Featuring humbly mixed yet anthemic vocals, nostalgic in their multi-layered warmth and canned effects, NOIZE feels like a jolt from the past – an immensely fast-paced rock anthem, with an intriguing story reflective of a relationship gone sour.

The whole thing balances the weight of heavy rock with the more accessible tone of a relatable singer, alongside superb musicianship from all involved, and tops this off with an infectious and memorable hook that’s quick to get you singing along.

From the bass line to the questions, the fall-away through to the build up, the track NOIZE consistently begs for you to witness AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ immersed in the moment on stage. Their clear unity as a band and the fearless tempo of the track speak volumes on behalf of a creative act with a boldly original thread of devotion and freedom to their sound, and there’s so much value in that approach right now.

Also included in the release is the notably more spacious and creatively structured industrial rock track MY WAY NOW. Again the pace is phenomenal, the sheer escapism and energy infectious as it rains down around you.

Then we get an almost surf-rock style riff, and a kind of joyful vocal melody – with a call and response set-up that again injects further optimism and colour.

Weave in a few retro ‘woo-hoos’, guitar solos and instrumental explosions, and AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ have set themselves up to be an unmissable live act this summer.

For the rock fans past and present – turn this one up loud, and find the self-defined garage punk power trio AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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