Art Tawanghar - Jerf (Feat. Reza Kashi & Negar Nik Persian Lounge Music in 432Hz) - Stereo Stickman

Art Tawanghar Jerf (Feat. Reza Kashi & Negar Nik Persian Lounge Music in 432Hz)


Born of a unique collaboration between Art Tawanghar, Reza Kashi (Setar and Persian Barbat) and Negar Nik (Kamanche “Persian Violin”) – Jerf ژرف, meaning ‘endless depth’, is a post-six-minute journey through jazz-soaked organic delicacy and calming, hypnotic rhythms.

Persian lounge music in this case encapsulates the very warmth and blissful unity of lounge, alongside a notably world-music-inspired sense of raw expression and melody. The role of 432Hz or healing music is more than a simple single, it can be a powerful tool, beneficial on many levels. Music of this nature is said to resonate inside the body, working through to release emotional blockages, designed to align listeners with the heartbeat of the universe. Art Tawanghar’s debut in this respect proves a charismatic and rather mighty introduction.

From vocal flickers to strings, Eastern tones and authentic, hand-held beats, Jerf can be anything you need it to be – the backdrop to your day, your meditation, or something to offer a subtle hit of vibrancy; the gentle push, the humble get-up-and-go we often seek out when productivity is beginning to dwindle.

There’s a dreamlike, natural-world quality to the entire arrangement. It’s a busy set-up, but it doesn’t feel that way – the in-the-moment jam session presents a level of unity, which lends its oneness to the listener from afar.

Despite its extended length, there’s still an air of disappointment when this comes to an end. Always impressive and dedicated music from composer Art Tawanghar, now with a memorable route towards the healing strength and embrace of 432Hz.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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