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Art Tawanghar Forbidden Harmonies II


Creative composer, contemporary instrumentalist and artist of consistently unique, expressive design – Art Tawanghar continues to raise the bar in world music and electronic production.

This follow-up or sequel to Forbidden Harmonies proves immediately euphoric and deeply emotional to delve into. The opener, Sorrow OF Time, at a healing 432Hz, introduces a level of soulful sound-play and moving melodic progression that as ever blends the qualities of organic and electronic music to a faultlessly captivating degree.

Persian-American musician Art Tawanghar weaves a web of softness and profound passion united throughout this second instalment of Forbidden Harmonies, veering into and then back from the authenticity of human and world sounds towards the precision and pace of modern dance, always with faultless attention to detail.

For Lotfe Azal, the pace changes, warmth increases and a sense of beach-side optimism meets with the fascinatingly compelling vocals from Shakila, promising an already eclectic yet still well-rooted forbidden harmony.

Then the injection of FIRE, Persian Dance EDM, is quick to elevate proceedings to intensely energising new realms. A more nostalgic Art sound, reminiscent of earlier works, with superb world-music solos meandering and cascading all around. The imagination runs wild as these soundscapes dance and paint their stories around the room.

From simple, piano-led melodies, to binaural rhythms and details, through unorthodox strings and voices from all corners of the globe, this album, perhaps even more so than the first, shines light on the undeniable possibilities that lie within unity and shared sentiments. With this in mind, Share Jan Bakhshi 3D Binaural is an easy highlight, as is the softly immersive, Celtic-infused and dramatic cinema strength of The Carnival Of Life.

Also weaving in a couple of remixes, and a final three tracks that completely re-shape the nature of audio escapism with a sublime use of space and real-world fragments, the extent of Art’s versatility on this project is immense. From an audience perspective, the journey is outstanding – original and historical at once, blissful and awakening in a decidedly incomparable way.

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