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Ariza’s Keep On offers music fans a four minute-plus journey through personal reflection and a gentle indie-pop soundscape that’s a pleasure to escape within.

While there’s a simple familiarity to the set-up and overall sound of this release, the song itself grows to become more and more immersive and indeed impressive as it progresses. Ariza fuse openness and lyrical depth with a clear sense of what works melodically, so the gentle, near-whispered verses pave the way beautifully to the lightly uplifting and memorable moment that is the song’s hook. This stylish and skillful progression continues throughout, including various stages and sections that further highlight a definite audience awareness and a clear love for the art-form.

Keep On is a song that engages and satisfies, as well as offering an inspiring level of optimism in both the lyrics and the hopeful vibe the music brings through. Where at first you’re inclined to relate to and connect with these intimate thoughts on life and the self, later on you rise up with the positive vibes of the music and the lead singer’s own attempt to continue pushing forwards through difficulty. The very concept of Keep On is underlined artistically at every step, making this an easy go-to whenever the world seems a little too heavy or dark.

A gorgeous new electro-pop song with a likable level of space to it – suggestive that a live performance would be equally captivating; if not all the more-so for that additional realness and purity. Hopefully there’s more music on the way.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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