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Arhkota Silent Killer.


Introducing a project that stands alone in its uniquely conceptual and stylistic embrace. While the Arhkota name may ring familiar, the Silent Killer EP is worth experiencing in and of itself – not simply compared to previous works, in my opinion. The opening and title-track encapsulates the reasons for this – the artwork also contributing to the effect.

Unorthodox yet engaging production and design is a key strength from the outset, intriguing rhythms and tones backing up the implications of the title and image. Silent Killer feels tribal yet industrial, natural world sounds and distorted, heavier layers meeting with fragments of melody and provocation.

Meanwhile we get a nearly-whispered voice and haunting melody, adding a touch of Radiohead to proceedings, before the craft-work quickly shifts to more creative electronic realms once again. The whole thing is hypnotic in movement, melody, tone and originality. A powerful way to begin, and a great piece to return to at volume.

Those Eyes (Feat. Hokis) follows, world-music subtleties meeting retro synth fragments and more of that vintage, natural crackle for the enveloping production. The vocal aspect redirects things, distant but later warm and near-euphoric in its lyrical references and dreamy unity with the music.

For Bye, Bye Train, things mellow out entirely, a lower-toned voice and enchanting rhythm presenting a sort of nostalgic, nineties trip-hop vibe – think Massive Attack or mid-album gems from Faithless. Once again the topic and mood balance the calming and the unsettling with fascinating precision. The final quarter brightens up briefly before a softly chaotic, cinematic outro.

Maria wraps things up with mildly warped tones and ethereal optimism. Dream Comet features for another fresh twist of character, and the final quarter again shifts the vibe – bursting into life with eighties-esque weight and warmth.

Impressively eclectic and vast considering just four tracks make up the playlist, Silent Killer may prompt you to wish there was more music to follow – at which point it’s good to return my opening statement, because fortunately there is a multitude of music to be found under the Arhkota blanket of creativity. Explore and enjoy.

EP out September 8th. Find Arhkota on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram & Twitter or read our interview.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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