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Aratrea You Are


Aratrea craft a whole new experience with this latest single. Feeling far more like a short scene from a piece of theatre, You Are emerges as immediately intimate, honest and up-front. A decidedly raw vocal follows a simple piano part, and digs deep into personal reflections on life and the role and value of the other half.

While the song already works well to appeal and intrigue in this minimalist setting, what takes it from good to great is the sudden and unexpected switch to a more rhythmic, fuller instrumental sound. The drums kick into gear, prompting the vocals to pick up the passion and intensify, which later ignites the soul and swagger of the electric guitar. And all the while, that original underlying essence of loyalty and love manages to shine brightly without fail.

You Are encapsulates the very feeling of being head over heels in love – ‘when they ask me why – what’s the reason for my smile? You are…’. The song details the journey from boy to man, from feelings of insignificance and lostness, to purpose and happiness. You can hear the appreciation and purity in the vocal display, and indeed in the whole organic set-up of the song – this seems like a genuine, lost in the moment performance, and neither the singer nor the band hold back on letting that truthfulness stand tall.

Aratrea have found a style of their own in the modern music world. Characterful vocals and a unique, unpredictable melody feel mildly reminiscent of the likes of New Radicals, fusing in an unorthodox fashion with cascading electronic synths and contrasting dashes of rock and roll grit. All of which makes for something that undoubtedly walks its own pathway; and does so in a manner that enthralls and connects.

Refreshing songwriting, a certain purity and realness to the performance and the recording. Brilliant. Really well done. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes them.

Single out September 27th. Find & follow Aratrea on Facebook. Check out their previous single The Python.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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