Balancing a gorgeously organic Americana & folk-rock soundscape, with a hip-hop-soaked verse, country story-telling, and an overall energy that’s close to impossible to feel sad in the presence of, We Can gives listeners a real sense of that very sentiment implied by the title.

Aratrea have found a style of their own in the modern music world. Characterful vocals and a unique, unpredictable melody feel mildly reminiscent of the likes of New Radicals, fusing in an unorthodox fashion with cascading electronic synths and contrasting dashes of rock and roll grit.

Alt PopPop RockRock

Aratrea have put everything into this performance and writing process, and the result is something that boldly reaches out for your attention – and refuses to let go until the whole thing is over; much like the Python with his prey.

Alt PopFunkRnB