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Aratrea Till I Loved You


Back for 2020 with mighty levels of emotional intention, Aratrea‘s Till I Loved You is a powerful declaration of appreciation, vulnerability, regret, and realization.

Driving with a raw vocal, raspy and loaded with aptly-placed vibrato, the single showcases merely a piano and a person for the most part. This format proves a strong choice, as it lays bare the intimacy and gratitude of the writing in a believable way.

During its latter half, this soft-rock, bluesy build up then envelops the listener – reinforcing the rising passion of the performance. Even here though, it’s the voice that holds your attention – right through to the sudden emergence of a highly toned guitar solo and a contrastingly delicate, retro synth.

Towards the end, there’s a sudden optimism to the soundscape, and this title and hook-line resounds and repeats amidst a swirling, ever-evolving instrumental set-up; proving quickly memorable, catchy, even addictive.

Aratrea’s attention to detail works in a magnetic, rock-inspired, driving-ballad fashion, allowing the natural energy of the song to intensify accordingly. At the same time, that professionalism is matched by a notably raw, in-the-moment, authentic vocal delivery. You can hear the emotion in the voice, and this makes the lyrics appear with all the more authority and truth.

Undoubtedly a song from the heart, well-crafted and performed with soulful purity – and of course, recognisable as the one and only Aratrea.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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