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Aratrea The Python


Aratrea’s The Python is a completely original and unique new song, one that introduces a sense of creative freedom, poetic expression, and a stylish, passionate approach to performance and composition alike.

Beginning with a quickly engaging ambiance, the soundscape slowly but surely gathers momentum – the details and layers increase, the intensity and energy rise, and meanwhile the lyrics and vocal line add a whole new level of intrigue and story-telling.

The vocal performance on this single connects well with the complex structure and the meandering, evolving nature of the soundscape. There’s a hint of something a little Prince-like to the gritty RnB delivery. Lyrically though, the scene set is mysterious, metaphorical and personal all at once, emotional yet consistently confident – to the point of appearing completely lost in the moment, carefree and dedicated to the cause.

The unique backbone or essence of the song is something that grows stronger with every few moments that pass. At over four minutes long, the track makes sure to utilize every second, making the most out of space and time and detail as much as possible. The latter half sees things really veer off in an uninhibited direction. The singer fully takes on the character of the snake, the music seemingly bowing down to his power and following the guidance of the voice wherever it may go.

A single listen makes fairly certain you’re paying attention to The Python, though it will also likely leave you keen to listen through once again – to appreciate those creative building blocks, and to more effectively grasp the story-line and the concept in full.

Creative freedom is all but missing entirely from many mainstream releases – there are expected standards, rules, known-to-work formulas. While the sound and style of a track like this is completely removed from the familiar tones of today’s musical landscape, there’s something immensely refreshing about that. Aratrea have put everything into this performance and writing process, and the result is something that boldly reaches out for your attention – and refuses to let go until the whole thing is over; much like the Python with his prey.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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