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Aratea We Can


Aratrea is a name that strikes up a level of excitement in music, not purely because you never know what to expect, but because you can almost guarantee, in every case, that the songwriting will be impressive, and the set-up enjoyable; regardless of the style or direction each new release takes.

In the case of We Can, the latest offering, the single is brilliantly creative once again, and crafted to present a quickly likable fusion of genres. It comes complete with a multi-coloured ambiance, an uplifting rhythm, and a brilliantly satisfying, long-form melody that pours through amidst heartfelt, warming lyrics.

Balancing a gorgeously organic Americana and folk-rock soundscape – strings, hints of distortion, quick riffs and a general knees-up vibe – with a hip-hop-soaked verse, country story-telling, a series of unexpected twists and turns, and an overall energy that’s close to impossible to feel sad in the presence of, We Can gives listeners a real sense of that very sentiment implied by the title. And at the same time, Aratrea impress musically – they effectively lure you towards a live, full-band performance, and they continue to pave their own way in terms of unconfined creativity and optimism.

A great way to start the week, the perfect early morning get-up-and-go kind of single, and an admittedly timeless pop classic that attempts to reach a wider audience with its melody and energy, but also ticks a lot of the more alternative boxes in terms of artistic appeal. It’s inspiring to listen to, and it’s a whole lot of a fun, too. Turn it up loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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