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Anthony Hemsey Film Stock (Feat. KATESCOPE)


Producer and songwriter Anthony Hemsey is a creative genuinely committed to quality and substance in the music realm. As such, whenever a new song emerges, you can be almost certain the production, sentiments and overall appeal will reach out in a mighty way. Enter the latest release, the instantly fascinating, imagery-laden and sublimely performed Film Stock.

Presenting as a sort of folk-pop, piano-led and organic arrangement, Film Stock focuses on related cinematic terms as metaphors for deeper human sentiments, and does so by way of long-form melodic ventures that connect and captivate beautifully.

The performance is stunning, gentle and expressive yet versatile and even powerful when necessary. As a writer for other singers, collaboration is a key aspect of Anthony Hemsey’s repertoire, and in this case the feature name KATESCOPE represents an elusive vocalist – an element of unexpected mystique amidst an otherwise deeply personal but also beautifully cinematic, evocative story.

Balancing a strong groove and classic uplifting chord pattern, the style ultimately akin to the likes of festival gems Of Mice and Men, Film Stock resolves its depth and meandering verses with a bright, beautiful and catchy chorus. This final resolve completes the process well, and helps make this an easy contender for a timeless indie-folk and alternative pop song.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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