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Anthony Hemsey Just Fine (Feat. Jemma Johnson)


Heartfelt by design and with musicianship as emotive and thoughtful as the lyrics, Anthony Hemsey’s single Just Fine sets the mood with poetic reflection and a simple rising soundscape.

Increasing its warm embrace throughout, Just Fine utilises piano and guitar to guide us into a folk-pop ballad of sorts, with short lines and effective melodic switching to hold attention as things progress.

Featuring delicate yet soulfully genuine vocals by Jemma Johnson, Just Fine manages to feel both deeply personal and accessible to the broader audience. The imagery is beautiful, the familiarity of the chord progression suits it well, and the mind quickly wanders as the music smoothly takes hold.

Notably an alternative contemporary take on the classic love song, one of appreciation and longing, regret and optimism united, the single introduces Anthony Hemsey the songwriter as fearlessly contemplative and clearly in tune with what works to embrace and engage with the listeners. The song is catchy yet non-intrusive, prompts its audience to reconsider the what-ifs of their lives, and ultimately works its magic in a subtle, calming way.

Wonderfully captured, I look forward to hearing more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Yes!!! I wholeheartedly connect to your description of this song and the journey it takes us on. Thank you for so eloquently putting it into words. Just Fine is a song for everyone for sure!

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