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Anonymous17 Love Light Peace Harmony (UFO Whistleblower)


“If there were indeed aliens on our planet, and elites actually did control the media, and we were just doing our nine to five jobs to enhance their wealth – what then should we do?”

Reflecting on a topic that fascinates millions, from the EP Hand Held With Rough Edges, Anonymous17‘s Love Light Peace Harmony digs with compassion and curiosity, into the question of how we might best react if indeed aliens are found to be living on Earth.

Recent revelations from a US-based UFO whistle-blower have drawn focus to an elusive ‘they’ – an alien species who have long-since been the subject of speculation, now thought to be supported by lashings of evidence.

It’s a supposed mass cover-up that has kept crashed UFO evidence and even deceased UFO pilots under wraps for several decades, and the reports are quite fascinating.

The question therefore may soon become, not whether there are aliens here, but how we should we react to them. As such, the colorful layers, fragments and ideas of Love Light Peace Harmony address this topic, and do so in a devotedly optimistic, resoundingly free-spirited manner.

Soulful vocal ad-libs back up an opening monologue, spoken by the UK’s own Sophie Hall, which relays an inspiring message that seeks to focus on positivity and unity, progression and possibility, celebration and freedom, above anything relating to conflict and division.

The inherent artistry and melodic brightness of the song introduces the creative depth of Anonymous17, as well as rightfully embodying the very concept that resides at the heart of its writing.

“The democratization of music, art, wealth and individual expression would undeniably level the playing field of human opportunity.”

There has perhaps never been a more vastly-shared contemplation of the reality of alien life, and the secrets that have been kept from the masses, than right now.

An aptly-timed and beautifully uplifting Love Light Peace Harmony speaks out beautifully on behalf of this shift in the common consciousness, and indeed on behalf of making a positive difference in the world and the future of humanity.

Check out the music or visit the Anonymous17 Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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