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Angryoofman In and Out


Driving with a distinct level of identity and creative freedom, producer and artist Angryoofman more than delivers on the implied unpredictability of his name with this uniquely meandering, concise yet striking new EP.

From the opening weight and colour of At The Door, we’re thrown in to a mildly retro, partly distorted realm of rhythm and cinematic intensity. At only a minute and a half, the track is followed up by a sort of sequel – a fuzzy rise and fall that is the bass-led, sci-fi-esque Second Wave.

Simple sound-design makes for a spacious, minimalist set-up in every case, and it’s this – fused with the retro synth choices and the heavy, eighties-style beats – that gives In and Out such a thread of personality.

Escape Room is an easy highlight, contrasting weighty synths and drum-work with a lighter melodic layer for a fully immersive, recognisable progression. The most memorable track for its simple yet satisfying loops, and that again striking use of structural unpredictability that is the Angryoofman way. The latter half veers off into new territories yet again, bringing through further intricacies to underline a clear passion for the production process.

Things get heavier still as a fitting development emerges in the form of Free. Rhythmically simple, with a story to a tell – blending genres and introducing an organic bass for the mid-section. Here we weave conceptually In and Out of the mix, a listener and participant in these grooves and melodic journeys.

Another highlight is Heroes, an immediately emotive, euphoric track, with a faster pace and immersive, engaging layers that fully overwhelm the listener. Delicacy and distorted weight juxtapose one another, making for a beautifully uplifting experience that works its magic more notably at volume. The natural reverb and hit of the drum refreshes and broadens the sound – as do these subtle vocal fragments that rain down during the final quarter.

Boldly injecting one last hit of intensity is the fierce and unforgettable Warning – an aptly titled, unsettling yet gripping piece, loaded with industrial details and a much mightier feel than its one-minute-twenty lifespan implies.

A strong way to go out, and a final reminder of the unorthodox yet distinguished and characterful sound that is Angryoofman.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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