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Andrew Farstar Cover Songs


In addition to his recent album, singer Andrew Farstar has also released a number of unique covers of popular songs over on SpotifyChamomile Tea is a wonderful starting point for this joyful and musically satisfying short playlist. A colorful and organically crafted soundscape accompanies Andrew’s near-whispered, softly soulful and joyful vocal delivery – a melodic outpouring and overall vibe that’s a pleasure to have fill the room.

A House Is Not A Home takes things in a slightly more mellow and reflective direction, moving from literal imagery and scene-setting to a more thoughtful mood, piano-led and really allowing the depth and subtle power of Andrew’s voice to shine in a totally different way.

Adding eclecticism with a welcomed hint of stylish guitar work, Sealed With A Kiss is a gorgeous cover that leads with smoothness and subtle soul yet again – a definite personal favourite. Andrew’s voice increasingly emerges as the sort that can cater to and accompany just about any type of song and musical mood.

The infamous Walk On By is a quickly recognizable and immediately enjoyable cover that again showcases another side to the singer. A joyful yet quietly expressive and heart-melting, delicate presentation of a classic hit. The instrumentation has been skillfully built up to support and enhance the natural flow of the melody and Andrew’s clear connection to and love for it.

Taking things in another surprising direction, Top of The World offers a wonderful hit of swing and sees the brightness and volume of Andrew’s voice stand tall once again. A short collection of covers such as this really reinforces the fact that Andrew Farstar is easily the right choice for anyone looking for a singer with a genuine and deep-running passion for performance and music; regardless of genre or era or style.

The unmistakable tones of You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me inject a hearty hit of big-band swagger and rhythm into this playlist, permitting Andrew the room and time within which to take on a deeply melancholic and seductive bit of writing and melody – a challenge to which he rises with natural ease. A brilliant cover, with a mighty hook section that Andrew carries with effortless and captivating brilliance.

Cry Me A River continues down the road of smokey jazz-bar vibes, again permitting Andrew the perfect moment within which to let his voice follow the naturally expressive, emotional intricacies of a song rooted in popular music’s passionate history. Another personal favourite, the smoothness of the delivery sees Andrew’s voice move from quietly raspy to bold and soulful as the melody progresses.

If you haven’t yet spent time with Andrew Farstar’s music, there’s plenty to catch up on, and in every case professionalism and passion meet to sophisticated and beautiful results. Always a pleasure to listen to.

Visit Andrew Farstar’s Website for more information. Find & follow him on Twitter.

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