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AlterE Choices


Fusing distorted and dreamy sound-play with gritty, recognizable vocals, and a stream-of-consciousness outpouring of poetic and personal reflections on life – AlterE creates an enchanting audio space, with Choices.

Thoughtfully devoted to its own lyrical exploration of topic, the song brings together the lo-fi ambient tones of the current emo realm, with a more nostalgic and slightly rockier edge of character and lyrical depth.

There’s far more vagueness to the writing than is common these days, and that quality united with this unmistakable vocal tone gives AlterE’s music a defiant twist of identity.

Currently commited to releasing new material at least once every fortnight, AlterE now boasts a plethora of singles to his name. Hyper Fiend preceded Choices to shine light on a brighter and more energetic way with the same distorted yet melodic traits. Higher-passion musically brought out equal intensity vocally, and showcased a whole other side to the performative aspect of the artist’s work.

Always the topics remain emotive and revealing, depicting a creative unafraid to be vulnerable in music and on the mic.

Genre is also nothing more than an idea, with the likes of Dante AltE guiding us through a guitar-led arena of sound, with short lines and a high-octane build-up that tips its hat to new-metal but again maintains that essential voice and personality.

Kaleidoscope Love also employed alluring guitar-work, with breathy vocals utilizing imagery and poetic reflections to craft a web of deeply moving to powerful emotions. The structure works well, the chorus rising up with volume and colour to elevate the listener and contrast the darker sentiments of the writing.

Prior to this, Infinite promised a supremely lo-fi ambiance and faster-paced rap bars for an entirely new take on the approach of AlterE; a highlight for its depth, detail and honesty.

Versatility is a clear strength – as is the unfiltered essence of that voice and the writing that comes with it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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