ALISA FOX - NO SIGNAL - Stereo Stickman



New music from ALISA FOX can only mean one thing – turn up the volume and fasten your seat-belts.

Another hard-hitting track from producer and artist ALISA FOX, this time in the form of fiercely intense Acid Techno, though with that essential twist of creativity and structure resounding across so much of the unmistakable FOX catalog.

NO SIGNAL keeps things relevant to the club scene both with its euphoric embrace and the simple lyrical fragments scattered throughout. However, alongside this the presentation offers a distinctly siren-like sense of urgency and weight – something a little more conceptually provocative in terms of the NO SIGNAL implications.

It’s a subtle yet effective edge of intention, and as such the two-minute- thirty release hits with unparalleled impact – likely making most rave fans crave an extended mix.

Faultless design and professionalism unite as ever, for the pristine mastering of the space and the clever contrasting of these ethereal, shiver-inducing synths and a near-relentless underlying beat. Then there’s the fall-away, all the more dreamy and delicate for that rising anticipation before the final drop.

With each new release, ALISA FOX continues to showcase her unrivaled ability, as well as both a loyalty to the genre and a refreshingly unpredictable center of creativity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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