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ALEX & Tokyo Rose AKUMA 2


ALEX and Tokyo Rose collaborate under New Retro Wave Records to create ground breaking music through a label that has already been featured across various Netflix shows and movies. This latest original project comes in the form of a ten-track album, compiled of increasingly creative and blissfully ambient EDM beats and soundscapes – each one a little more unique and interesting than the last.

Beginning with the mellow and hypnotic tones of 3am, the music fills the room with equal parts delicacy and grit, showcasing both a deep running sense of artistry and a clear professionalism and knowledge when it comes to electronic music production. There are journeys within each of these compositions, and the details and pauses, the weight contrasted by the lightness, all adds to the experience – helping make this entire album no less than a dream to lose yourself within.

When it comes to soundscape design, cinema and visuals call out for well-crafted individuality. In the case of AKUMA 2, you get all of this and more. Even from the opener to the second track Awakening, eclecticism roams free, fusing distorted retro tones with freely meandering melodies and decidedly experimental layers – all of which hits with impact, immersing its listener and taking over the room. Categorically best experienced at volume, and right the way through to the final entrancing and unmistakable embrace that is STRNGR. 

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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