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Alana Rich & Chain Taylor Something to Remember


Collaborative strength leads with melodic embrace, pristine sound-design and stylish, immersive rhythms as Alana Rich and Chain Taylor deliver a pop-hip-hop single of quickly addictive energy.

Multi-layered and increasingly likable throughout its sub-three-minute lifespan, Something to Remember features a brilliant production thread of rising anticipation and increasingly infectious groove building.

Meanwhile, Taylor injects a faultlessly smooth and equally rhythmic rap vocal to intensify that energy significantly throughout a memorable opening half.

Soon enough, Alana’s vocal melody adds a clear dynamic, and afterwards things veer off towards dancehall and tropical vibes with a sung latter half that’s as unexpected as it is satisfyingly nostalgic.

Featuring a brilliant fusion of genres, resulting in a carefree yet aptly passionate arrangement, Something to Remember proves a contemporary pop hit with an edge of timeless melodic prowess and superb mixing for the true escapism of volume when you need it.

Download or stream Something to Remember here. Check out Alana Rich on Instagram & her Website. Check out Chain Taylor on IG & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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